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Vietnam anti-dumping investigation of steel imported from China

The conduct of the investigation applied anti-dumping measures plated steel (also known as galvanized steel) imported into Vietnam based on the request of four galvanized steel producers in Vietnam.



Four businesses filed for that, quantities and prices of imported goods under investigation negatively impact domestic production. Photo internet.

Minister of Industry and Trade issued Decision investigate apply anti-dumping measures on galvanized steel products imported into Vietnam from China (including Hong Kong) and South Korea.

Parties requesting the application of anti-dumping measures is JSC China Steel Sumikin Vietnam, Ton Phuong Nam Co., Nam Kim Steel Joint Stock Company and JSC Ton Dong.

Is the alleged dumping galvanized steel, are classified according to the following HS: 7210.41.11; 7210.41.12; 7210.41.19; 7210.49.11; 7210.49.12; 7210.49.13; 7210.49.19; 7210.50.00; 7210.61.11; 7210.61.12; 7210.61.19; 7210.69.11; 7210.69.12; 7210.69.19; 7210.90.10; 7210.90.90; 7212.30.10; 7212.30.20; 7212.30.91; 7212.30.99; 7212.50.11; 7212.50.12; 7212.50.19; 7212.50.21; 7212.50.22; 7212.50.29; 7212.50.91; 7212.50.92; 7212.50.99; 7212.60.10; 7212.60.20; 7212.60.90; 7225.92.90; 7225.99.90; 7226.99.11; 7226.99.19; 7226.99.91; 7226.99.99.

Period 1-1-2014 to 30-9-2015 investigation from.

Accordingly, businesses on allegations that the volume and prices of imported goods under investigation, besides other factors have created a negative impact on the amount of goods sold by the domestic industry of Vietnam Male.

This resulted in a negative impact on production activities: Market share of domestic goods decreases, the rate of loss increased, the price of goods sold in the country fell, inventories rose ... along with the increase the volume of imports of goods requested investigation threatened to cause damage domestic manufacturing industry in Vietnam.

After having decided to investigate the case, the Competition Administration Department (MOIT) will issue a question of quantity and value to the manufacturers, exporters of two countries under investigation, the importer and domestic manufacturers of goods under investigation.

Within 90 days from the date of issue of the investigation (days 3-3), the preliminary conclusion of the case will be announced in a special time can be extended for another 60 days.

Earlier, on 24-12-2015, Competition Management Department received a dossier requesting the application of anti-dumping measures on galvanized steel products (also known as galvanized steel) imports from China ( including Hong Kong) and South Korea's representative in Vietnam coated steel manufacturing industry in the country.

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