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Russia could coordinate the steel market in 2016

Lunar New Year holiday is synonymous with the East Asian steel market sank in silence throughout the last week, while the rest are "possessed infantry estate". The market is waiting for the return of China but also has an eye on Russia by the business strategy of the Russian factories can coordinate the market, instead of manufacturers from China.

European stocks plunged along with the uncertainty surrounding the banking sector can not create confidence in the market. But with China's information to withdraw foreign currency reserves show that the government wants to stimulate the economy, which is usually good news for steel demand.

According to sources from the dealer in Europe, they are waiting for the return of China before placing orders quarter. The agents in the north said they do not care much about the purchase but want to use pricing as a bargaining tool with the European manufacturer.

Meanwhile, in the south, China will have to compete with Russia and Iran, as Iran is strengthening export to Liberia. According to a source, or at least a European supplier discounts when selling to the region lost market share. Cases like these have led some skeptics about the ability to achieve price rose sharply in the second quarter.

It is reported that steel makers in Europe are trying to push prices higher steel products after a number of other manufacturers revealed that they are suffering losses in the fourth quarter / 2015 and needs more measures deal with Chinese commodities. However, according to analysts of the steel market, as more measures to deal with China means that China's exports decline, Russia is likely to be the biggest beneficiary.

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