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Malaysia imposed anti-dumping with Vietnam Steel

Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Industry and International Trade Malaysia (MITI) has issued a preliminary conclusion on the case of anti-dumping investigation with cold rolled steel products imported from Vietnam.


The dumping margin for Vietnam Steel that Malaysia applies is from 4.58 to 10.55%. Photo: Le Tien

Earlier, on 27/08/2015, Malaysia has initiated anti-dumping investigations on cold rolled steel products imported from China, Korea and Vietnam. The investigated product is cold rolled steel alloys and alloys with thicknesses of 0.2 mm - 2.6 mm and 700 mm wide - 1,300 mm.

In its preliminary conclusions, investigating authorities determine that there exists the dumping of steel products under investigation originating in China, Korea and Vietnam; and there exist significant damage to manufacturing similar products of Malaysia and the import of goods under investigation.

Accordingly, the dumping margin for Vietnam is from 4.58 to 10.55%; Korea is from 8.32 to 21.64% and 23.78% of China's. Also, there are 1 and 2 Korean enterprises Chinese enterprises are defined as non-dumping / dumping margins have negligible.

In order to prevent damage caused to the domestic industry, Malaysia decided to apply anti-dumping duties corresponding provisional dumping margins above. Enterprises are defined as no dumping / no dumping margin has significantly will not be subject to anti-dumping duty temporarily.

The final conclusion of the case will be issued no later than the date 05/24/2016.

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